Premium Managed Hosting Services

We offer friends, family, hand selected companies & start ups, PREMIUM mobile & website application hosting solutions. All plans include 24/7 client support. Please contact our sales team at (406)640-8982.

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We provide a Fully Loaded web hosting experience!

Torus Network is a privately held, privately funded company who provides managed hosting solutions. We care about our network and your web presence. We focus on providing top level client support, account stability, server speed, intrusion prevention, and a number of different solutions to issues you may have possibly been experiencing while working with other web hosting companies.

There are plenty of web hosts to choose from on the Internet. Some of them offer much cheaper prices, more disk space, and more bandwidth when compared to Torus Network. The reason for this is that many web hosts oversell their accounts – in other words, they offer more disk space and bandwidth than they can actually provide, and hope that the "average" user will consume much less than his or her allotted quota. In addition, they attempt to put as many accounts on each server as it can physically hold. The result: slow, poorly-performing web sites. At Torus Network, you will receive exactly what you pay for, nothing less.

Our managed hosting solutions provide a top security suite and the analytical tracking software: AWStats, Webalizer, which provide IP, Access, Error, and Bandwidth Usage Logs. Also included with all plans is the industry's top hosting admin control panel system cPanel®, which easily installs the following developer scripts and languages: PHP5, MySQL5, phpMyAdmin, CloudFlare CDNSPF & DKIM, RVSkins, Ruby on Rails, Ioncube, Zend Loaders, Perl & CGI, Python cURL, Cron Jobs, GD2, ImageMagick and much more.
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Website Security

We make sure to lock down the site security on our end and give additional security recommendations to our client based on the platforms they are using and the vulnerability of those platforms.Our hosting accounts provide an encrypted firewall that helps prevent brute force attacks and a leading security suite that helps protect your website against vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection attacks, XSS Attacks and can scan for malware & viruses instantly.

Analytical Tracking

Your hosting account comes standard with multiple, powerful analytical statistical tracking tools that generate advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics! You can access this log examination tool as a CGI through the user interface. It analyzes the following log types: Apache NCSA/XLF/ELF/CLF, W3C, WebStar and from the following types of installations: proxy servers, streaming servers, mail servers, and some ftp servers.

World Class Servers

Our corporate grade hosting services uses high quality enterprise servers and hardware that are tested in multiple setting arrangements which help deliver the fastest web servers, litespeed web servers, on the planet. Your site files & database queries will load quickly and you should notice an impressive difference! We are ready to help get you setup by migrating your emails, databases, and web applications quickly and efficiently if you are not cabible of doing it yourself.

Choose the Hosting Package that best fits your needs!

Pro Hosting Plan


  • Upto 2 Hosted Domains
  • 24/7 Support
  • 90.0% uptime
  • 10 Email Boxes
  • 1 GB Storage
  • Get Started Now All accounts are Month to Month, and subject to approval by Torus Network. Terms and conditions apply.
Elite Hosting Plan


  • Upto 50 Hosted Domains
  • 24/7 Support
  • 90.0% uptime
  • 20 Email Boxes
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Get Started Now All accounts are Month to Month, and subject to approval by Torus Network. Terms and conditions apply.